Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Register Now!

It's always better to register sooner than later! Here are some tips for registration and the info you will need to have on hand:

Know how many people from your university/college will be attending as well as their full names and positions (Director/Faculty, Professional, or Peer Tutor). Also, make note of who would prefer vegetarian meals.

Decide your travel plans. If you do not plan to rent or bring a car, there will be a bus service with a fee of $5 to $10, depending on time of registration. If you plan to attend the optional Saturday lunch, there will be a $5 fee.

Visit the Registration Page on the SCWCA 2011 Conference Website. Each attendee will need to register with their own form. You have the option to print the form to distribute to those planning to attend, or you can fill out the form online. Also, payment must be made via check; your check must be made payable to "SCWCA."

Finally, mail the forms (if printed) and check to the following address:

SCWCA 2011 Conference
South Central Writing Centers Association
c/o Allison Holland, Treasurer
61 Sherrill Road
Little Rock, AR 72202

Hope this helps! If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to contact Katie Hart. For financial questions, refer to the SCWCA Treasurer Allison Holland.

Best Regards,
Susie Queue