Monday, August 23, 2010

Collaborator's Corner

Our key note speaker Lisa Ede is all about collaborative efforts! In "Collaboration and Concepts of Authorship," Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford call for more collaborative efforts in the humanities. To promote this opinion, we have created a forum on this blog called the Collaborator's Corner.

A Forum is a place where anyone can post a message and anyone else can comment or further the conversation. The Collaborator's Corner is open to serve as a common grounds for conference attendees to work together to create the ultimate SCWCA Conference. Whether you are looking to carpool, to discuss development of a proposal, or to find someone to work with on a presentation, the Collaborator's Corner is ready and waiting to host your discussions.

Here are some tips for using the forum:

To find the forum, look near the top of this blog for the link Collaborator's Corner. Once you arrive to the forum, you should see something like this:

To post a message on the forum, try to find an existing topic that fits your question or discussion. Once you have found a topic, like Travel Arrangements, click on the topic.

A new page will load within the topic you chose. Look for the Reply link next to the message date; if you click on this, you will be able to create your own message.

If you would like to respond to a particular message within a topic, click on the Reply link next to the date the message was created.

You can imagine a forum to be like a huge outline. There are major topics which will break down into subtopics, and each of those subtopics may also have topics within them. Discussions can be posted under any topic, or a new topic can be created from the Collaborator's Corner's home page (as seen above) by clicking the New Topic link.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Britney Menconi. We hope this forum inspires more collaboration and serves as a useful hub for conference attendees!

Best Regards,
Susie Queue