Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poster Sessions

In an effort to promote involvement on all levels at the SCWCA 2011 Conference, we decided to hold two "poster sessions" on the Friday of the conference. What is a poster session? It's an opportunity to present research, ideas, and valuable information via a simple poster presentation.

Basically, the first group will set up their posters, and visitors will have a chance to walk around the room to read and respond to the posters. The poster presenters will stand ready by their posters for further explanations and questions.

Poster presentation topics can range from theoretical, to philosophical, to scientific. Some examples include "How to Calm a Stressed Student," "Boundaries of Tutoring," "Supplemental Instruction and the Writing Center," "Implementing an Online Writing Center," "Marketing Tips for Writing Centers," and even "Feng Shui in the Writing Center." These are just examples, so feel free to expand upon them or create your own, unique presentation. Also, take advantage of the Collaborator's Corner to discuss ideas on how to present your idea/research as well as to make sure no one else plans on submitting a similar poster.

Basic Requirements:
Tri-fold display board (or self-standing poster)
28 x 40 inches
Cardboard or foam
Any color
If technology is required, you must bring your own equipment

You can check out these sites for more inspiration and details:
Colorado State University's "Writing Guide: Poster Sessions"
Pennsylvania State's "Poster Session Tips"
Swarthmore College has some great tips for Research/Scientific Posters

Best Regards,
Susie Queue