Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exploring the Houston Bay Area

So, I was thinking about the SCWCA 2011 Conference and what we will be doing in our downtime. Since the conference will be situated between the South Shore Harbour Conference Center and the University of Houston-Clear Lake campus, the options are extremely vast! This area is referred to as the "Houston Bay Area" and is best known for excellent seafood and coastal activities.

Since there are far more options than any person could cover in one weekend, I have nominated my friend and fellow tutor Britney to visit and review the hot spots of our area. Her mission is to see how much fun and food she can have for one night with just $20 in her pocket! She will post her reviews on this very blog for your convenience so that you can make educated decisions as to what you will do with your free time in the Houston Bay Area.

First up is Kemah Boardwalk, located halfway between UHCL and South Shore Harbour!